Custom portraits/pictures

We can create a custom portrait from a photograph that you submit either by mail or electronically. Each photograph will be carefully transformed by hand into a beautiful work of art, with painstaking attention given to detail. Portraits are generally monochromatic--you choose from 13 different color schemes--but you can also have several different color schemes incorporated. The color(s) and size of the portrait you want is your choice, and then leave the rest to us! We will then take the photographed you submitted, and turn your photograph into a 5-7 layered, monochromatic portrait. Each layer and detail is cut out by hand-- no lasers or trickery-- and pieced together, one piece at a time. When completed, we will find the best background for the portrait, typically using a neutral Batik fabric (water-color, hand-dyed fabric) to enhance and bring out the portraits' individual character. The final portrait comes ready to frame, or we can frame it for you at an additional cost.

We also have the ability to touch up slightly damaged photographs, or work with blurry images in order to create a PhotoKami. While we can give no guarentees on being able to produce a damaged photograph into a PhotoKami, we will put forth our best effort to satisfy your wishes!

The cost for each picture ranges from $60-$200+, depending on the detail and difficulty of the portrait and not including the shipping and handling. For an estimate to transform your photograph into a beautiful and unique work of art, please send an e-mail to Amaree with the image electronically attached.

No harm will be done to your original photograph. Should a hard-copy photograph be submitted, it will be returned to you with your completed project.

For tips on photograph selection, visit here!

Detailed Picture ExampleGrandma and KadeGreat Grandma

Detailed LandscapeFuzzy Pictures


*We cannot use copyrighted photography without the written permission of the photographer and/or copyright owner. All of the photographs on this webpage have been transformed into PhotoKami with the express permission of the copyright owners.