What picture should I use?

An important factor to consider for a successful paper portrait is the light direction.  The photographs are being prepared for this process by eliminating the enormous amount of shade variation to just 4 to 7 colors. Contrast therefore is very important. Generally, a lighting source from the side tends to give a pleasant amount of contrast while still accentuating the features. 

Consider the following possible conditions in your selection of a photograph:

  1. Shadows behind the head. Do these shadows blend with your image eliminating necessary image definition? Are they vital to the overall design, or unnecessary?
  2. Does the background blend with the image or clothing that has been photographed? 
  3. Is there an interfering object such as a lamp or tree in the background that blends with the photo distorting the image? (In some cases, we are able to eliminate such disctractions, but not always.)
  4. Are there scars, damage to the photo, and writing on the photo itself that may detract from the overall effect? (We do have the ability to “clean up” an image or damaged photograph to an extent.)
  5. A subject in a pose such as a hand near the face or under the chin needs special consideration.  This situation often detracts from the finished fabric portrait. The goal should be to eliminate details that distract from the image. That being said, sometimes special poses are what give character to the finished portrait.

The biggest thing is to remember that if there are questions about the suitability of your photograph, it's easy to ask! Just e-mail me at amaree@photokami.com

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