Who are we?

PhotoKami was developed by Amaree Kravetz Matthews, who observed her mother Julianne Kravetz creating beautiful portraits using the same technique with fabric (Photofabrique). Lacking her mother’s skill with fabric, yet appreciating the beautiful work produced by her ingenuity, Amaree decided to pursue another venue more to her liking. Although using the same initial process to create the design, this technique has been modified to work with Bazzill monochromatic papers to create a “scrapbook” look on a smaller scale than the fabric portraits. The smaller size allows the portraits to fit into conventional frames or into a scrapbook, while maintaining the same abstract and unique quality of the original Photofabrique. These portraits are striking when viewed from a distance, while also appearing abstract and beautiful from up close. The original inspiration for Julianne’s quilted technique came from Charlotte Warr Anderson and Deidre Scherer.